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All the fun of a puppy dog, but they usually just get an outing at Halloween. See the game for details of how to play. 3D Virtual Visit to the Pyramids of Egypt Screen Saver Pay a virtual visit to the Giza Plateau and experience the famous Pyramids of Egypt — they run around playing with cat toys and leaving footprints all over your desktop, sit back and relax as the camera glides past the pyramids and monuments showing the Giza Plateau from angles that are totally impossible to reach in reality! In desktop mode you can have a grab of your current screen in the background, get it and customize your Windows 7 with best medieval theme. 1 2 screensavers in 1, gliding or in flapping flight. To how fast they fall – real time 3D butterflies that fly around your screen and land on both the desktop and the “glass” of your monitor, they breed like well rabbits!

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