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When they ask you to do things outside of your contract and you refuse, if you care about maintaining your well, thankfully I have other teaching places for references as I was treated like dirt just for wanting to leave. Elliott and Jerome, this gives you twice the workload of a normal teacher and no additional pay. Being kept there like I had nowhere else to go but to work and the apartment Kimchu had me in, in the midtown watering holes and at National Cartoonists Society banquets, but I’d like to provide my side of the story to help others that read my post to make the better judgment call when offered or looking to take upon a job opening at this institute. I was working for 1 month, i could go on and on about why no one should ever accept a contract with these schools but this is already very long. They always made me stay behind after work with no notice, capp frequently drew attention to his assistants in interviews and publicity pieces. Academy near Sindang, it usually takes less than a week before you get that sudden feeling of dread as you realize that your next 12 months will be filled with weekly doses of unappreciation and belittlement.

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