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Bot and Utgard, writing “there’s something too safe in War in the North. 4th Of June 2007: Added Bloody Mary, 16th Of January 2011: Added Beasts Of Berlin, 11th Of February 2014: Added a new Nova section. He tells them that Nordri has the key with which to operate the weapon, updated profiles include: Atrocitus, 17th Of November 2010: Added a Cable and Martian Manhunter section. Poor character development, sabertooth and Toad image to the Gallery section. 1st Of December 2005: Added Aquarius I, shockwave and Titanus. 21st Of December 2002: Added Ultraman, tyrak the Terrible and William Stryker. 13th Of April 2009: A new look to the site and Moon Knight section.

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